Underwater Oasis

The kids love their room and I can honestly say I’m jealous. Who wouldn’t love to sleep in a “bunk-bed-sunken-ship” (as per my 7-year-old) with shark sheets and fish swimming around the walls to boot? They also love the bubble light which casts fun shadows and light rays in the night-time as well as the octopus rug.

Amber did an amazing job with decorating this room. I was very worried that it would be 20 shades of pink but I was pleasantly surprised by my girls picking a palette of blues (with help from Amber). The sharks really sold it for them. Not that there is anything wrong with pink but we just have so much pink in the toys and dolls and dresses…it’s nice to have a few different colours around 🙂

We got all of the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids except the name quilts which were specially made when they were born. IMG_7950 IMG_7948The decals are from Etsy and the rug was from Wayfair. The light is from Robinson Lighting and is worth the crazy dusting it needs. The reading nook/book cabinet is from Ikea and works so well to contain the hundreds of books the girls read constantly.

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Wine Bar

Ryan is working hard on getting us the perfect wine bar and liquor cabinet. Amber has designed a great setup and Ryan is upping the ante with custom features. I’m excited to see if ties in with the kitchen but still matches the decor planned for the living room.

I still need to find the perfect dual zone white and red 48 bottle wine fridge. I have a few leads but they won’t be ready until mid June.  I guess I’ll have to use the old standard fridge for a little while yet 🙂

Family Table

One of the things our family loves to do is to entertain. This is especially important for big holiday dinners but for us happens all year around. Armed with the knowledge that our new dining room just needs to be a dining room, I was left with the want for a big solid wood dining room table to fill it up.  However, I looked everywhere. Cheap stores, expensive stores. Local stores. Shipping from Italy. I couldn’t find the mix of mid-century modern and big, bold solid wood that I had envisioned. I talked to my designer about this.  She wasn’t able to source anything that worked either. So, she contacted this amazing local furniture designer and artist Kate Duncan and asked her for guidance.  Could she marry the two things I want and still make it work in our home? Continue reading

And we have appliances!

We are one step closer to having a functional kitchen!  The appliances are here. Now to get them working 🙂 I think the one below is going to change my life, and the life of my house guests – who wants to come over?

Our coffee machine!

Our coffee machine!

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Kitchen update

Our countdown is on….2 weeks left.

I’ve been assured this is when the magic happens.  Everyone works together to get all the big and little things done. And I believe it.  We have come a far way and while there is still a lot left to the untrained eye, it is getting there. This week we saw the cabinets start to take shape and got our first view of the blue cabinet covers. The boxes are in place and the plumbing is ready. The floor is down and the appliances are here. Now to put the cabinet doors in, the backsplash on, the countertop cut and installed, the workplace desk and shelves installed…really not much. OMG, maybe it won’t be ready.  Billy? Continue reading