Family Table

One of the things our family loves to do is to entertain. This is especially important for big holiday dinners but for us happens all year around. Armed with the knowledge that our new dining room just needs to be a dining room, I was left with the want for a big solid wood dining room table to fill it up.  However, I looked everywhere. Cheap stores, expensive stores. Local stores. Shipping from Italy. I couldn’t find the mix of mid-century modern and big, bold solid wood that I had envisioned. I talked to my designer about this.  She wasn’t able to source anything that worked either. So, she contacted this amazing local furniture designer and artist Kate Duncan and asked her for guidance.  Could she marry the two things I want and still make it work in our home?

She said yes.

Here is her rendering.

Dining Table 3D image

I really liked it. I loved the blue metal legs and the solid wood top, but I was dead set on having a solid walnut top. I’m not sure why, but I wanted walnut. I was loath to ask an artist to change her design to suit my blinded vision, but Amber said it would be ok.  It would look great, she wouldn’t let me do anything crazy. So Kate made this fantastic table and family bench seating area and displayed it in her art show last week.


I haven’t seen it in person yet, but here is a picture of it from the show.  I am very excited to have the room to have my whole extended family for a sit down meal. Now to get them all in one place at one time. That will be a challenge!

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