AV Update

The home entertainment system was my husband’s pet project. I got excited about the kitchen, he got excited about his music. His biggest wish was to be able to stream his music from any room of the house from his iPhone.

Billy recommended an up and coming company, Teson Solutions, for the job. The company is headed by these two bright and energetic guys. They interviewed Brad to determine what kind of system and what kind of bells and whistles he needed. Then they sent him 3 quotes for different levels of needs. The bare minimum, the nice-to-have and the Cadillac. Continue reading

Wine Bar

Ryan is working hard on getting us the perfect wine bar and liquor cabinet. Amber has designed a great setup and Ryan is upping the ante with custom features. I’m excited to see if ties in with the kitchen but still matches the decor planned for the living room.

I still need to find the perfect dual zone white and red 48 bottle wine fridge. I have a few leads but they won’t be ready until mid June.  I guess I’ll have to use the old standard fridge for a little while yet 🙂

Fireplace Update

The crew has started on the living room millwork.  This is something I am dying to see the end result of.  We are not finished yet, but the foundations have been laid. I have great visions, but in reality I am just trusting Amber on this one. Her design is amazing and the wood work by Ryan has been beautiful so far. I think this combination is going to be stunning.

One of the things slowing us down in this room is the wood itself. We have been talking about the colour of the wood strips that will be on the fireplace and across the ceiling as well as the shelves that will bank either side for a while. I tend to want more dark woods in the house, but that really makes the room seem smaller. Especially with the amount of light getting into this side of the house. This room needs all the lightness it can get. We need the white walls here as well as Continue reading

Let’s Check in…

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today with all the big changes I saw at the condo this week. I went back to my original post and looked at my “must have” list. Wow, things have changed. Let’s take a look.

Our Must Haves:

  1. Open concept kitchen with an island √
  2. Replace the hardwood floors throughout √
  3. Expand to two full bathrooms √
  4. Have a great play area for the kids
  5. Update the design to suit us  √

We are slowly but surely ticking things off our list. We haven’t decided completely about the kids play area yet, but we are looking into a few storage options. Stay tuned for a post about their bedroom and playroom. The girls are very excited about it.

But what else has spiralled out of adding a bathroom and tearing out the kitchen?

Our new additions:

  1. Open the stairwell to let in light
  2. Change the glass to a floating glass system throughout the stairwell
  3. Change the glass on the loft balcony to match the stairwell
  4. Add new lighting throughout the house/add recessed lighting ceilings
  5. Add heated floors
  6. Add a workstation for homework and crafts and adult work at home days
  7. Add organizational systems to the closets downstairs
  8. Open up/widen the doorway between the kitchen and living room
  9. Add AV and electrical to make it a “smart home” since the walls are already open
  10. Paint everything!

I always heard that a reno is more like a living organism than a static project but now that I reflect on it, it is really clear.

And we have wood

The flooring was delivered this week as well.  Things are really starting to move at warp speed. I haven’t been able to see the actual wood yet as it is all in two large piles acclimating to our specific moisture level, temperatures etc (that’s really all I know). It appears that we don’t want actual warping of the wood, just warp speed:)

I heard that the construction boys really got a workout that day as the wood had to be hand carried up the emergency stairs. Who needs the gym when you have real weight to carry around! I don’t know how they did that, or how people on the 28th floor get their lumber, but I’m thankful that ours is now in our house and awaiting placement. We have waited so long and looked so hard for this flooring, that all of this hassle is so going to be worth it.

Only a few more steps before we actually get to see the floor in action.

  1. The flooring specialists will start levelling and prepping the concrete sub-floor.
  2. The sub-floor/underlay is completed
  3. Pick the specific colour/pieces and nosing for the stairs and edging (difficult when we have such a random mix of colours I guess)
  4. Lay the floor

Billy thinks all of this will be able to be completed with the heated flooring in the kitchen “L” or “triangle” area and the bathroom over the next week. That is as long as the cabinets get in first. So many steps but all worth while!

The Ceiling

Things are looking up. Literally.

Billy and his crew have been working hard at the things that can be done while we are waiting for the final authorization from our strata to start the plumbing. This includes some electrical and drywall and my favourite – getting rid of the popcorn stucco ceiling!

It was everywhere, including the loft. I wasn’t sure how they would get to that area to flatten it out and paint it etc, but Billy assured me it would be fine. Here are pictures of how he did it. Brilliant and safe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He also did the “easier” ceilings like the bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen etc.

Here are the after shots:

Billy is also reframing the ceiling in the kitchen and the stairwell so we can have better lighting in these areas. I just went shopping with Amber to look for our other light fixtures. I’ll post those pics very soon. Stay tuned!