Master Bedroom

I’m so happy with the way our master bedroom is turning out. The grey we picked for our accent wall is very pretty. It’s warm and inviting and not too overwhelming. Our furniture is very big and can overtake a room but I love it. We needed the rest of the room to be light and airy to balance it out. Our furniture is from Crate and Barrel and worked really well in our first bigger apartment that had a massive master bedroom but not so well in our last bedroom. Continue reading

AV Update

The home entertainment system was my husband’s pet project. I got excited about the kitchen, he got excited about his music. His biggest wish was to be able to stream his music from any room of the house from his iPhone.

Billy recommended an up and coming company, Teson Solutions, for the job. The company is headed by these two bright and energetic guys. They interviewed Brad to determine what kind of system and what kind of bells and whistles he needed. Then they sent him 3 quotes for different levels of needs. The bare minimum, the nice-to-have and the Cadillac. Continue reading