The Kids’ Room – Under the Sea

This room is going to be wonderful. The girls love it already. Amber really hit the nail on the head with them. All they told her was that they wanted an underwater theme and she went wild. ¬†It’s awesome.

Here is the bunk beds the girls picked out from Berg:

Berg Bunk Bed in chestnut

Berg Bunk Bed in chestnut

They are totally cool and have so much space for storage and for homework or crafts. The girls love the stairs (they pull out into storage drawers!) and it is safer for the little one to visit her bigger sister ūüôā

They come in a bunch of finishes and with different nob colours.  We have decided on natural with purple nobs to help the sea theme.

Then Amber took this as a starting point and came up with this idea. It is fantastic. Here is the idea board she designed.


It’s feminine but not over-the-top girlie. It’s exactly what they wanted to feel like they are sleeping underwater. It all ties together. What else can I say. I’m blown away!

The sheets are from Pottery Barn. They are called Preppy Shark. Isn’t that cute in itself?

Preppy Shark Then when you add in the octopus pillow and the turquoise duvet cover, it just all pops.


The rug is a real show stopper. They will literally be sleeping with the fishes and sea creatures.

Octopus Rug

The light fixture I showed you before, but even after not seeing it for a month my two-year-old looked at it and said it was her light and how much she loved it. ¬†I have to say, I’m a little jealous!


Then there will be the reading nook. This will give lots of storage for the many, many books they have as well as a few toys. Plus they can read together there or do make-believe. So many options.

The wall colour is yet to be decided, but it will be a shade of turquoise to simulate the sea. The wall paintings are actually decals that can be ordered in a tonne of colours and configurations. That will be fun to design as well. (Courtesy of Etsy).

Wall decals

For the girl’s crafts, I am thinking of getting this Ikea rolly cart. It has the right colour scheme and structure and can fit in small spaces but is functional. Hopefully they will like their room and play area so much that they won’t drag their toys into the other parts of the house too often ūüôā

R√ÖSKOG Utility cart IKEA

Well that’s the design for now. ¬†I still need to think about stuffy storage. Likely a big bin, but most of them may head out to the playroom. That might be a last-minute decision once we are in the space. Not long now!

Furniture Shopping!

It’s now a waiting game for the powers that be to grant their approval to start the actual work of putting our house back together. I’m not one to sit and wait however, so onward to the next task.
Now that the big things are picked:
  • flooring
  • cabinets
  • counters
  • tiles

We can start with the really fun things. Our furniture needs to be almost completely revamped. Which is very exciting for me. ¬†I LOVE to shop. This is a chance to really recreate our vision and get furniture we love. First of all, I am so excited to get rid of our couch. ¬†That may sound a bit harsh. Our couch has served us well for 7 years now. We got it just before our first daughter was born. It has a lovely chaise part that I had always wanted. It was super comfy and became my spot to nurse my little girl. It has many, many memories for me. But as many things do, it has met its end. ¬†The stuffing in the seat is permanently dented, the arm is concave where it once was convex and even with a bit of couch surgery, it can’t be fixed. So we need a new couch. Which then leads to needing new chairs to match the couch… You get the picture.

Amber and I made a date to spend a day shopping for furniture. She made a list of great furniture shops in Vancouver where we could see what’s around for midcentury modern. I want a mix of new and vintage pieces.

Here’s the list of places she suggested – and we actually got to them all in one day with a stop for tapas!

BierCraft (Lunch)
Here are some of the things I really liked.
It’s really hard to pick though. Which item to choose first? Where do we put our focus? What does the whole scene revolve around? I asked Amber for some advice on where to start with our decisions. She gave some sage advice and suggested we start with the sofa. We really need a specific sofa. It has to be deep enough to curl up on, it has to be long enough for multiple people to come sit on and super comfy yet structured so that you can have a conversation or watch a movie. So, we really need to get this piece first. We have a few potentials:
And Amber also has the ability to custom make a couch based on what we like which is really appealing, but the downside is that we also are stuck with what we make. Big decisions. It seems we will have a new couch and likely two vintage chairs to make up our living room. I don’t think it will be too hard to decide on the chairs. We want something that has a lot of character 360 degrees since you will see the back as soon as you come in the door. ¬†A swivel might also be fun for the TV/fireplace double focus point. Hmm, maybe it will be harder than I think. Then comes the fun of getting the rug to match.
The only thing I know will be easy is the credenza that will serve as media console. That is figured out. ¬†There are so many teak vintage ones around. We can be choosy but we don’t need to be. They are all beautiful. ¬†They are usually narrow so we don’t waste square footage, but look great and have lots of function. ¬†Very exciting.
The dining room is also presenting a little challenge now.  Originally I really wanted this table:
but I just saw a completely opposite one at West Elm with a glass top and wood base and thought that might work better in the space. If we go that route though, the chairs won’t match and we have the domino effect again. I need to ponder that one for a bit I think. We may have to stick to our guns and get someone to make a simple wood table for us. I found a few local companies that make custom tables and have something similar to what I want.
So many decisions, but at least they are all fun! With the lead time to get furniture in for a move in date of mid-May, I really need to decide ASAP. I’d love any suggestions or advice!