Bathroom fixtures

We are having a bit of fun in the bathroom this week. We added the fixtures to the walls and started on the plumbing. The shower controls are on the side wall not under the shower head. This started because the pipes didn’t allow the control to be on the narrow shower head wall. However this was a happy set back as now with the open glass door, we can turn on the shower and not get wet. This is particularly good for when the girls do their swimming lessons and we can help them get in and out without getting wet ourselves.  Win Win!

Next was getting the vanity ready. Amber sourced and found this great Mid century modern vanity at Design House. She used the same quartz as the kitchen for the waterfall effect and Ryan built out the cabinet to given enough room for plumbing and the sink. Overall a great effect.

Now on to the fun stuff. The light fixture and the mirror.

And a snag…

It had to happen right? We had our approvals from the stratas and the city. We had the plumber in after the floor was taken up to assess where the plumbing needed to be moved from the side wall. This involved ultrasounding the cement floor.

Since I get ultrasounds on people all the time, this was pretty cool to think I would need to ultrasound my house too. I imagine it looked something like this. It would have been fun to watch. I wasn’t there but found these cool markings on the floor later on. Unfortunately the ultrasound didn’t came back as easy as we hoped.

The place we wanted to put the plumbing in the island was too close to an electrical conduit (or some other equally unknown to me term). That meant that the plumbing would have to be moved by a foot.  That doesn’t seem like a crazy request, except that the plumbing may be in our floor but it’s also in a commercial site’s ceiling. We had authorization from the first location owner and strata but moving a foot moves us into the site of a different owner. Now we needed to start at square one again and ask for authorization. This potentially means a huge delay and uncertainty if we can do this at all.  We may have demolished the kitchen to find out that the plumbing is not movable.

Kitchen Floor Ultrasound

Kitchen Floor Ultrasound

I was devastated. The strata told us the owner did not live in North America and it would be difficult to track him down and get a quick answer. But Billy and Amber were on it and told me to keep on my rose-coloured glasses. They would make it as easy as possible to get the authorization and make the work as simple as possible for them to say yes. We can’t move forward on anything in the kitchen at this point though. If the plumbing doesn’t work out we will have to rethink the layout and the cabinets. At least the engineer has signed off and given their approval. One step down. Let’s hope the other steps aren’t too difficult. Oh my, please cross your fingers for us!