Bathroom fixtures

We are having a bit of fun in the bathroom this week. We added the fixtures to the walls and started on the plumbing. The shower controls are on the side wall not under the shower head. This started because the pipes didn’t allow the control to be on the narrow shower head wall. However this was a happy set back as now with the open glass door, we can turn on the shower and not get wet. This is particularly good for when the girls do their swimming lessons and we can help them get in and out without getting wet ourselves.  Win Win!

Next was getting the vanity ready. Amber sourced and found this great Mid century modern vanity at Design House. She used the same quartz as the kitchen for the waterfall effect and Ryan built out the cabinet to given enough room for plumbing and the sink. Overall a great effect.

Now on to the fun stuff. The light fixture and the mirror.

Bathroom Beauty

Here is the tiled bathroom! Wow – one thing complete and it is a beauty.  I can’t believe how well it has turned out. This is even without any glass, any finishing, any plumbing, any lighting. Can you imagine how wonderful it’s going to look once it is all in?

We did have a small snag with the tiles though…. Continue reading

Shower addition

We are getting over closer to having our downstairs bathroom finished. The framing and plumbing is complete. The drywall is done, now for the sealing and painting, the concrete base, the fixture placement, you know little stuff.

But in the meantime, here are the updated shower pictures.

The tiling is going to be next up. Here is a copy of the updated tiling grid that we were planning on putting on the floor.



The bathroom floor tiles finally arrived this week from Italy but when the guys unpacked it, they noticed that the tiles were all off size by varying of portions of cm.

Handcut tiles

Hand cut tiles

This is really screwing with our grid formula for the floor. Now we have to either have variation in the grout lines or stagger the tiles instead of making a grid. Something like this:

Staggered tiles

Staggered tiles

It’s still very pretty, just not as geometric. Hmm decisions.

I think we will end up with the staggering, but I’m still brainstorming with the team. Any suggestions out there?

Let’s Check in…

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today with all the big changes I saw at the condo this week. I went back to my original post and looked at my “must have” list. Wow, things have changed. Let’s take a look.

Our Must Haves:

  1. Open concept kitchen with an island √
  2. Replace the hardwood floors throughout √
  3. Expand to two full bathrooms √
  4. Have a great play area for the kids
  5. Update the design to suit us  √

We are slowly but surely ticking things off our list. We haven’t decided completely about the kids play area yet, but we are looking into a few storage options. Stay tuned for a post about their bedroom and playroom. The girls are very excited about it.

But what else has spiralled out of adding a bathroom and tearing out the kitchen?

Our new additions:

  1. Open the stairwell to let in light
  2. Change the glass to a floating glass system throughout the stairwell
  3. Change the glass on the loft balcony to match the stairwell
  4. Add new lighting throughout the house/add recessed lighting ceilings
  5. Add heated floors
  6. Add a workstation for homework and crafts and adult work at home days
  7. Add organizational systems to the closets downstairs
  8. Open up/widen the doorway between the kitchen and living room
  9. Add AV and electrical to make it a “smart home” since the walls are already open
  10. Paint everything!

I always heard that a reno is more like a living organism than a static project but now that I reflect on it, it is really clear.

Plumbing System Pass

Inspection #2 Passed!!

After the electrician got his portion done, the plumbers finished all the drainage for both the kitchen and the bathroom as well the water supply for the coffee machine, fridge, new toilet, vanity, and shower valve.

The city came in to check out the work and now both inspections have passed with flying colours. The Boyes Brothers deliver on quality and timeliness yet again!

Now to put in the required vessels so we can actually turn on the water…then Brad will be excited too. 🙂

This means that all the foundations for the condo are laid. The electric and plumbing is done and the drywall is now up and holes are being plugged. The ceilings are painted and the walls are primed. Now everything gets to be put back together. We should start seeing some really big visual changes in the next 2 weeks. I can’t wait to show it to everyone.

The Ceiling

Things are looking up. Literally.

Billy and his crew have been working hard at the things that can be done while we are waiting for the final authorization from our strata to start the plumbing. This includes some electrical and drywall and my favourite – getting rid of the popcorn stucco ceiling!

It was everywhere, including the loft. I wasn’t sure how they would get to that area to flatten it out and paint it etc, but Billy assured me it would be fine. Here are pictures of how he did it. Brilliant and safe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He also did the “easier” ceilings like the bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen etc.

Here are the after shots:

Billy is also reframing the ceiling in the kitchen and the stairwell so we can have better lighting in these areas. I just went shopping with Amber to look for our other light fixtures. I’ll post those pics very soon. Stay tuned!

Bathroom Update

So with the plumbing snag in the kitchen, there was also a little snag with the bathroom as well. The floor was ultra-sounded and there was an electrical conduit in the way of the shower drain. This meant that the shower base that we wanted originally had to be scrapped. But this did lead to a more exciting option – the cement base. I was worried we would have to do tile bottom instead. We have small tiles for the base in our corner shower now ( the tiny, tiny shower – did I mention that already?) and it is incredibly hard to clean. I really don’t want that for our downstairs bathroom if I can help it. I would end up spending all my time trying to make it look presentable. I’m very happy to have the subway tile for the sides, but the tiny squares that would be needed to help with drainage on the floor is really the bane of my existence. So, thank you Billy for suggesting the alternative.

However, moving the drain also means needing to make the shower bigger. That’s good news but also means the whole bathroom needs to be 6 inches bigger to fit the toilet and sink. That isn’t terrible news in itself, but it does really cut into the entry closet. I’m not sure how that is going to work yet, but I have faith that Amber will make it work. I’m also secretly crossing my fingers that maybe Billy can make the walls slightly thinner or have another magic trick to give us as much space as possible in both places 🙂

Here are the up-to-date pictures of the demolition and remodel of the downstairs bathroom.

1. Starting out:

2. The equipment is removed

Powder room - equipment removed

Powder room – equipment removed

3. The walls are removed and the floor is marked and ready for plumbing

3. The framing is put up

4. The drywall is mostly in!

It’s looking pretty good.  You can really see how the bathroom is going to look when it is all done.  I’m very excited. You can also see here the ceiling has been scraped of the popcorn stucco and the bulk head is now flat instead of wavy!  I’m still worried about the closet, but I’m also ok with getting rid of it if need be. Let’s see what happens when the dry wall and doors go in. It is also needs a bit of light 🙂