The Kids’ Room – Under the Sea

This room is going to be wonderful. The girls love it already. Amber really hit the nail on the head with them. All they told her was that they wanted an underwater theme and she went wild.  It’s awesome.

Here is the bunk beds the girls picked out from Berg:

Berg Bunk Bed in chestnut

Berg Bunk Bed in chestnut

They are totally cool and have so much space for storage and for homework or crafts. The girls love the stairs (they pull out into storage drawers!) and it is safer for the little one to visit her bigger sister 🙂

They come in a bunch of finishes and with different nob colours.  We have decided on natural with purple nobs to help the sea theme.

Then Amber took this as a starting point and came up with this idea. It is fantastic. Here is the idea board she designed.


It’s feminine but not over-the-top girlie. It’s exactly what they wanted to feel like they are sleeping underwater. It all ties together. What else can I say. I’m blown away!

The sheets are from Pottery Barn. They are called Preppy Shark. Isn’t that cute in itself?

Preppy Shark Then when you add in the octopus pillow and the turquoise duvet cover, it just all pops.


The rug is a real show stopper. They will literally be sleeping with the fishes and sea creatures.

Octopus Rug

The light fixture I showed you before, but even after not seeing it for a month my two-year-old looked at it and said it was her light and how much she loved it.  I have to say, I’m a little jealous!


Then there will be the reading nook. This will give lots of storage for the many, many books they have as well as a few toys. Plus they can read together there or do make-believe. So many options.

The wall colour is yet to be decided, but it will be a shade of turquoise to simulate the sea. The wall paintings are actually decals that can be ordered in a tonne of colours and configurations. That will be fun to design as well. (Courtesy of Etsy).

Wall decals

For the girl’s crafts, I am thinking of getting this Ikea rolly cart. It has the right colour scheme and structure and can fit in small spaces but is functional. Hopefully they will like their room and play area so much that they won’t drag their toys into the other parts of the house too often 🙂

RÅSKOG Utility cart IKEA

Well that’s the design for now.  I still need to think about stuffy storage. Likely a big bin, but most of them may head out to the playroom. That might be a last-minute decision once we are in the space. Not long now!

The Stairwell is open

Well the stairwell is progressing very nicely. I can’t believe the difference in light that comes across now that the wall is removed. Take a look for yourself. I can’t wait to see the hardwood on it next week!

Lighting Update

This weekend we finalized our lighting fixtures for the bedrooms and the stairwell. I’m so excited! One step closer to seeing how things are actually going to look in the new house.

Amber and I went to Robinson Lighting to get some ideas of what was out there. I’m glad that we went in knowing what style of lighting we want to have in our house. It can truly be overwhelming. So many chandeliers, so much sparkle and baubles and glitz. We are keeping with the midcentury feel, so staying away for almost all of the above, but we got a little hooked for glitz in the girls’ room 🙂

For the stairwell, I wanted something with great geometric style but still practical to light the stairs safely. At the store, there were two beautiful wooden carved chandelier pendant lights, but they really didn’t give off enough light. In the end we went with a grouping of three pendant lights that were very different but complementary in shape to give the retro feel but still had great light. Amber is also introducing me to a cool new lightbulb that is bright but has silver on the bottom, so when people are walking up the stairs, they don’t immediately miss the fixture and just see the light bulb. Very cool ideas that woman has!

Here is the stairwell light fixture grouping:

We wanted something a little more simple for our bedroom. We will have reading lamps on the walls, but wanted something for the overhead light to find our way to the back wall without stubbing our toes in the dark. Since I couldn’t get the wood chandelier for the stairwell, I thought this walnut circular drum light would work with our walnut bedroom set really well. Here is the light I picked for our bedroom:

This one I never would have picked myself, but it is perfect for the underwater theme the girls want for their shared room. It looks like bubbles rising to the surface and reflects lights on all the walls. The girls are tickled pink for their underwater adventure.