Master Bedroom

I’m so happy with the way our master bedroom is turning out. The grey we picked for our accent wall is very pretty. It’s warm and inviting and not too overwhelming. Our furniture is very big and can overtake a room but I love it. We needed the rest of the room to be light and airy to balance it out. Our furniture is from Crate and Barrel and worked really well in our first bigger apartment that had a massive master bedroom but not so well in our last bedroom. We only had room for the bed and one dresser. The other dresser had to be housed in the closet with the doors removed. Now we have the perfect amount of room for our furniture. Not too crowded but still cozy with lots of empty space to get around.

We still have a lot of decorating to do. The only thing we have done so far is change the ceiling light and add table lamps.ranarp-work-lamp-white__0210382_PE363789_S4 I particularly like the ones we got from Ikea. Very mid-century at a small price. We also added speakers on the wall so we can play music. We have ordered bedding, but it’s still on the way. Once that is in, we will start looking for artwork and a rug. I have always had a photo collage wall in my bedroom. I love looking at pictures of my families and friends through the years. I do want to do this, but I’m hoping to have some artwork as well.  It’s all coming together. It’s a slow but fun process.

Here is what our room looks like currently. Stay tuned for a before and after once it’s decorated 🙂

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