And we have appliances!

We are one step closer to having a functional kitchen! ┬áThe appliances are here. Now to get them working ­čÖé I think the one below is going to change my life, and the life of my house guests – who wants to come over?

Our coffee machine!

Our coffee machine!

The kitchen is getting closer to being ready Continue reading

The kitchen

This is my dream. A chef’s kitchen. Not that I am a chef, but I love to cook and entertain. And that is really hard to do in a closed off galley kitchen. It’s one of the reasons we finally decided to stop renting and look for a place to buy. ┬áThe kitchen and bathroom were always going to be deal breakers for us. At first, we only wanted to look at places that had a finished kitchen. We looked at some really cool ones too, but they always had a hamartia. The best one we saw had 2 full fridges, 2 dishwashers and infinite storage. The fatal flaw – an itsy-bitsy oven. Not even a small cookie sheet would fit in it. How are we supposed to have our annual Christmas misfits’ turkey dinner with an oven like that? So we decided we needed to find a kitchen that needed updating and we could make our own. Our new condo is just that. Great space, but could use an update. We ran the idea past the previous owners and funny enough, they had wanted to do the same thing but just hadn’t gotten around to it. No one likes to live through a complete kitchen reno it seems.

We have big ideas for our kitchen. We want to flip it on its head. Here are the before pictures:


Side view

Front view

Front view

It’s totally livable, but after cooking in a galley kitchen for 10 years, I really want to open it up. ┬áI want an island, I want to stop bumping into another human every time I open the fridge or the dishwasher and I want my gas stove back.

I also very much dislike track lighting. Always have, always will. I want to smooth out the ceilings and put in recessed lighting. Just small adjustments ­čÖé

Here is what we are thinking of transforming it into. Click the link immediately below to look at Amber’s rendering from Mak Interiors (she is also an amazing artist it seems).

Kitchen Sketch

Amber’s design has all the cabinets coming flush around the corner of the kitchen (2/3rds of the previous U/C kitchen design). ┬áThe peninsula will be gone and a large island will run parallel with the long row of cabinets and extend into the windowed area. This has the advantage of more storage and counter space as well as tying in the space in the corner that we couldn’t figure out what to do with. It’s too small for a banquet with the post there and it’s too big to let it be empty space. ┬áIn the end it is going to be a work station for the kids to do homework or us to do work work while the other is cooking or baking. Hopefully this setup will let us spend more time as a family as the kids get older. It also lets us actually entertain our guests while we are getting ready for one of our big meals. This is the thing I am most excited about!

The new lower cabinets will have large drawers and a magic corner (I hate my non-useable corners now). The uppers will have sliding doors (very cool throwback). We are thinking glossy white for the upper cabinets and bright blue for the lowers and the tall cabinets at the end. We are going to use grey granite on all the counters. The tall cabinets closest to the windows will have a bunch of fun features that I hope will be used as much as I expect right now. It will have an appliance hutch with a pullout shelf for our blender and toaster and other small appliances. This keeps them out of site with less clutter but still very accessible as “we use them every day“. The side of the cabinet will also have a space for platters and cookie sheets. Very functional, right now they are all on the bottom of the back of our non-usable cupboard. All of this customizable cabinetry will be done by Billy’s crew. I can’t wait to see it in person.

The appliances are the next step. The owners had just purchased a new fridge and dishwasher. So those we didn’t need. The fridge looks awesome. It has an actual working water tap and ice machine (unlike what was supposed to be in our current rental). ┬áLittle joys.

Here is the fridge:


We do need a new range though. Right now there is a full gas slide-in range but the burners are on the blink and I don’t trust gas to cook turkeys and other casseroles or cookies; actually almost anything. So since we are changing the peninsula into an island, we are going to change the range as well. We really struggled over getting a 30″ or 36″ since we get to start the kitchen with a clean slate. I would love to have 6 burners or even 4 burners and a griddle but do we really need that much cooking space. I want a duel fuel range, so our options are pretty limited. We went to the showroom and tested out a bunch of ranges. I really liked the Wolf range, but it may just be for the red buttons – don’t judge me. Actually, I need the red buttons – they match my kitchen plans and… I love red! After much discussion we decided the 36″┬árange would overpower our kitchen. We would lose much-needed counter space and cupboard space for the sake of 3-4 big family and friends’ cooking adventures per year that would need the 6 burners. I can always buy the big iron griddle to put over two burners if I really need it for Shrove Tuesday or┬ásaturday mornings.

Here’s a picture of the range we want. My only nagging thought is that Miele is coming out with a new range in the spring that sounds really fantastic. But timelines always change and I don’t want to move into our new house sans oven.

Wolf Range

Amber also found this amazing red faucet to bring in more red accents. It totally goes with our midcentury style and it’s red. How can you not love it. It’s from a great store called Vola. It will be perfect with the under-mounted, oversized sink. The only worry is that by changing the position of the sink that the plumbing must┬ábe cored under the concrete floor to get it to the island instead of coming straight out of the wall into the peninsula. This is going to be the tricky part, but I have faith in my team. Go Billy and Amber!

Vola Faucet in Cherry Red!

Vola Faucet in Cherry Red!

Our biggest splurge though is getting a built-in fully plumbed coffee machine. We drink tonnes of coffee and we are always running late to work. This is going to be a God-send.  This Miele machine has something like 20 different personalized drink options that can be ready on a timer in the morning. I am so excited!

Miele Built in Coffee

So hopefully, everything goes as planned. It’s a big transformation and anything can happen when you have to change plumbing. ┬áThe next step is to tear up the hardwood and ultrasound the concrete floor to figure out the plumbing changes and get the structural engineer on board. Keep your fingers crossed for us!