Pantry organization

One of the little luxuries in a cook’s life is space. My old kitchen had a severe lack of space. My new kitchen….a little more 🙂  One of the best spaces for storage in this house is this little pantry under the stairs. It’s close enough to use on a daily basis for the things that don’t fit in the kitchen and big enough to keep all the extras I couldn’t buy previously (i.e. Costco runs for paper towels).

Here is a picture of the pantry as a blank slate.


We took some time to think about how to use the pantry to it’s maximum capacity. We thought about pull-out shelves but with a sloping ceiling this really limited the storage. We also thought about taking out more space under the other portion of the stairs to put in drawers in the back, but with the low ceiling and tall adults, this just didn’t make sense. We also wanted to ensure the space was useable and not just maximum efficiency of storage.

Algot shelvesSo we went to Ikea. The king of storage solutions and came up with this cool shelf. It is the Algot system and can be completely customizable for any space and any purpose. We decided the best use of space would be to put large shelves at the back in the low ceiling area for items not used regularly. Then skinny shelves along the right side for the most used items.

Then we wanted some organization for our cleaning products especially our brooms and mops etc since we have hardwood everywhere now. Amber found this cute clips that keep these items in their place and off the floor. Now they never fall out when we open the door!

The last step was the open space in the front. We wanted some mobile storage to put certain veggies and our patio supplies in. A second was needed for utility supplies and tools. We used the same Algot system in a basket version with a heavy top to use for food prep or little daily activities. It is working out great. I’m so excited to have a little organization in my life. I may be a little OCD about it I don’t care, I love it!

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