Our inspirations

We have been living in a white box forever. We can’t wait to actually be able to plan a space, pick out pantone colours and go shopping for furniture that will actually match and fit into our space. It feels nice to be a grown up finally!

The problem is, we don’t have a single interior designer bone in our combined bodies. I feel like I can see “good bones” in spaces, but then I over think it, put too much stuff in the place and nothing ever comes together. We need help! The first thing we did was try to figure out our style. We had an artist friend (Sarah Gee – check out her website) come to our house a little while ago (ok actually a few years ago if I’m being honest) and look around our space. She is amazing and I hope to bring a bit of her art into our space. She looked over our furniture. Most of it had come from Ikea but there were a few other more unique pieces as well.  She looked at the curves of the arms on the chairs, the wide sofa arms, the geometric design in the hutch, the retro feel and came up with Midcentury Modern. When I googled that term, I loved everything about the design.  It has a 60s feel with a modern take. Very much Scandinavian influenced. Funky but practical. So we had a point of view to start with.

Sarah Gee

Sarah Gee 2

The Black Wave by Sarah Gee Miller

Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century Modern examples

Mid Century Modern examples

Then we were lucky to visit NYC for a graduation trip and went to MoMA for a day.  It was magical. So many great artists. So many different points of view. So much colour! Brad got hooked on Piet Mondrian (as above in the feature picture). He loved the lines, the colours but it was still abstract. You could guess anything about the mood of the artist and that of the viewer. It was totally up to you. And he was from the Netherlands too! Point 2 for midcentury design.

Then we saw Henri Matisse‘s Blue Nudes and Dance Prints and we were hooked on the primary colour of blue. It has to be a focal point somewhere in the house. However, I am a lover of red in all things. Just ask anyone who knows me even a little bit. But, I can’t really have a bright red kitchen, so that will have to be brought in through accents and art I think.


Blue Nude by Henri Matisse

Dance by Henri Matisse

So, we just need a designer with a great eye to pull together midcentury modern design using Mondrian and Matisse for inspiration yet strong enough to tell us when things are just not working together. I’m excited to get going on this reno and design.