Fireplace Therapy

We are so excited to have a fireplace in our new place. I love the one we have now and use it all the time. It’s so nice to sit in front of the fire and watch TV or cozy up on the couch with wine and a good book. In the new living room, it will really warm up the room as well. We can close the french doors and make it toasty there.

The only thing is that the fireplace was a bit old school. It was too ornate for our liking. We wanted to make it more modern.  We want it flush with the wall and to make it fit in with the rest of the house. Apparently that’s not too hard to do. And Brad wanted to be the one to do it.

Brad has a knack for removing fireplace mantles. Whether on purpose or not. This fireplace mantle however was much tougher than he expected. Billy had everything demolished but saved the fireplace for Brad. Brad came over after work (in his business attire) and Billy had the sledgehammer waiting. Brad was so excited to take out some aggression on this piece of plaster. Definitely worth the entertainment for me and the psychotherapy for Brad. It took a good few swings to make a dent and to get some of the plaster to fall but he did it.  Have a look at the severely shortened video to see him in action!