Ceiling warmth

One of the features in our condo re-design that I have been most wanting to see is the wooden art around the fireplace and ceiling.

The warm wood that matches our floors will come up the fireplace wall and across the ceiling. The hope is to make this room very warm and cozy while still retaining the height and openness. We also wanted a way to link the two foci of the room (the fireplace and the TV/credenza).

I think these long wooden slats really meet all of my requirements and exceeds my expectations. I can’t even tell you how tedious they were to install Continue reading

Fireplace Update

The crew has started on the living room millwork.  This is something I am dying to see the end result of.  We are not finished yet, but the foundations have been laid. I have great visions, but in reality I am just trusting Amber on this one. Her design is amazing and the wood work by Ryan has been beautiful so far. I think this combination is going to be stunning.

One of the things slowing us down in this room is the wood itself. We have been talking about the colour of the wood strips that will be on the fireplace and across the ceiling as well as the shelves that will bank either side for a while. I tend to want more dark woods in the house, but that really makes the room seem smaller. Especially with the amount of light getting into this side of the house. This room needs all the lightness it can get. We need the white walls here as well as Continue reading


Remember when I started this blog, I said I didn’t want to live in a home that had all white walls anymore…me too. Open mouth, insert foot.

But in the end, it seems that white walls are still the best for most of the home’s foundation. We love colour so much that with all of our additions to house through fun foci (cue red faucet and blue cupboards and multicoloured floors…) that there really isn’t a lot of room for more colour downstairs on the walls. We don’t want to overwhelm those elements. Especially if we want any kind of art.

We will still have a feature wall in the dining room (colour still undecided) as well as painting the bedrooms upstairs. The girls have chosen Continue reading