Play room Organization

One of the reasons we really liked the layout of this house is that there is a space on the second floor for the girls to play. This lets us put together a playroom that they can keep all their crafts and toys in. They can play with their toys whenever they want and I don’t need to worry about stepping on Legos or cleaning it up if a guest pops over unexpectedly. That being said, I didn’t want it to be a free-for-all explosion of toys.

Stuva storage from Ikea

Stuva storage from Ikea

Amber and I went to Ikea and looked at their wall system of shelving units. They had this cool one called Stuva. There were so many variations of what we could do. It’s also great that it can grow with the kids and turn into a wardrobe system or a desk. Very cool. I hymned and hawed and finally decided to do a tall set of drawers for paper and crafts and upper cabinets to put away the games and bigger toys.

IMG_7717Right now we decided to keep the wooden futon we own. We have a lot of visitors that come by and we like to have a bit of extra room for extra guests. But it does take up a lot of room and it might be better used for lower seating for the kids.

We still need to get a rug and a low circular table for the kids to do their crafts and play games on. For now the floor will do 🙂

Hardwood floors!

This is a most exciting day!

We finally see the floors we have been waiting for. I was both very excited and very scared to see what they would look like.  Would I still like the variation in the wood and the colour? Would the pattern fit what was in my mind? Would it look too new? Too old? Too shiny? Too dull? Would I want more dark colours or more light colours? Will it look good with the rest of the wood furniture? I just went on and on in my head about what I was going to do if I didn’t like it that I couldn’t enjoy the anticipation. I just had to see it.

Luckily, most of the questions did not even surface once I finally got a look at the wood itself.

It is spectacular.  I love it!

The flooring guys have done an amazing job. I’m sure they were cursing me as they laid the multiple pieces of wood to try to keep a random pattern going but all the while making sure it did not look like a pattern. The walnut nosings are perfect. It is just the right amount of dark and light colours. It is also just the right amount of shine. We have gotten very lucky.

While I know this wood is a bit unique and not exactly what all the magazines say is “hot” right now (and which I believe, seeing as we couldn’t find it anywhere), I LOVE IT! It is exactly what we wanted and looks better down than I could have hoped. Now to just make sure it stays as pretty as it looks right now, once we move in:)

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The new playroom

What would the ideal playroom look like? We wanted a place where the kids could really be themselves. They love dolls, legos, crafts and make-believe.

Upstairs Play room

Upstairs Play room

That’s a tall order for one space. Although I love a good fireplace, there just isn’t a good or safe reason to keep one in the kids play area. Maybe once they are older, we will replace it. For now, we are planning on removing all of the shelves and making the space customized for a 7 and 2-year-old girl.


Right now the girls have great imaginations. They love playing house/store and creating tonnes of doll adventures together. They have a wooden kitchen and Barbie dream house which take up a lot of room and that will be great to get out-of-the-way a bit. Here’s what the space looks like without the shelves, the middle wall and fireplace.

There was still a mild gap between the two walls, so we decided to smooth it out and make it ready to house those taller play items. Here is the wall plastered and sanded and then painted.


Playroom painted

Playroom painted

There is still a little to do in this area, but currently we are trying to decide on a storage system for the kids’ chaos of toys/crafts. This is the one we are thinking about. It’s from Ikea. We would use a combo of tall and short cabinets surrounding the dollhouse and kitchen.

We are also looking into these bookcases from the Land of Nod. They have the midcentury feel we are going for, but are still kid friendly and not vintage expensive.

We have lots of choices to weed through, but I am excited about the possibilities and to see what Amber comes up with for our final plan.